Bubble mania level 60

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bubble mania level 60

View and download Bubble Mania Level 60 in HD Video or Audio for free. Anyone out there got to level 60 - cant make it out at all! will collapse. You then shoot the lighting bubble at the very top to free the babies. No islands visible after level 60. Bubble Mania Level 60 played by onlinecasinonodownload.net Subscribe to our channel now (onlinecasinonodownload.net.

Bubble mania level 60 - VIP-Status

Contact us to learn more. Another way is is look at the row of bubbles above the black steel balls for example if they are light blue then you need to pop the star bubble with the light blue. Leave a tip for them now! Afterwards, use the black bubbles to target the the bubbles at the top. In my case the color that covered above wasn't the same as the colors on the posion bubbles, maybe I was lucky. Can I connect you with a community expert to help you with your questions? But got 3 stars doing xbox spiele online this way. Buy the anti venom, look at the colour of the very top double row of bubbles and then shoot the first star with that colour. Help with bubble mania level 60? Please add your email address now: Ask Your Question Fast! The following questions have been merged into this one. bubble mania level 60


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